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Marcin Pietraszko

Marcin Pietraszko, mieszkam w Warszawie i zajmuję się amatorsko fotografią. A zawodowo zarządzam dwiema firmami

Spotkanie z Eleną Shumilovą

In February i had a chance and a pleasure to participate in workshop with famous Russian photographer Elena Shumilova. Believe me, it was fantastic experience and i can recommend it to go for it if you will ever have a chance to do so (looking to Elena’s calendar she is very busy, but still number of participants to each workshop is limited).

The workshop was perfectly organized by Marcelina Oczkowska, who is passionate about photography and created fantastic place for everyone who also want to be a part of the society. It’s located about 40km from Bydgoszcz, in Zalesie, where in very old palace with beautiful interiors people can learn different type of photography and post-processing techniques. On the website Warsztaty Fotografii Artystycznej you can find more details about this place, the workshops, people and expert being involved in this project, if i call it this way.

During two days of shooting and discussing our selected pictures we had a chance to understand how Elena is preparing herself and the models for the session, how she looks at the composition and, what is most important, we learned key secrets of Elena’s post-processing workflow. You would be surprised how simple it is (not for me yet). She brought to Photoshop the techniques which she learned being architect and a painter, so the main tools she uses are… eraser and brush. Same what we need to use when drawing the picture on the traditional piece of paper. Here are the pictures i took during the workshops.

And below you can see surroundings of the Palace in Zalesie, where the workshop has been held. Beautiful place where you can find many spots for shooting. But to do so, best is to join one of the workshop organized by Marcelina and her team under the project Warsztaty Fotografii Artystycznej.

I spend 3 fantastic days meeting great people, very passionate and talented. It was interesting experience to see how the famous and professional photographer like Elena works, but also how other people like me are working (ok, they were more experienced for sure

www: www.inthelens.pl

Warsztaty w Złodziejewie
Zalesie ul. Szubińska1, 89-200